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The 666 Surveillance Tract ( Tracts - Part 2 )

Do you ever wonder what will happen in the future? Well, God has revealed the future to us in the Bible. Sharing these truths with an unsaved person can really encourage him or her to realize the urgent need of salvation in his/her life. That is why I would like to share this information on the 666 Surveillance tract with you.
Perhaps as you share this tract with your friends and family, the Lord will speak to them about the urgency to accept Christ as Savior into their own hearts and lives.

The tract I am speaking about is titled " The 666 Surveillance System", written by Dr John Mcternan from Defend Proclaim the Faith Please link to his website here: http://defendproclaimthefaith.org/blog/

Dr Mcternan has made the tract available for you to order or to print off yourself and share with your friends. Please link to the printable tract link below and read the entire tract :


Here is a portion of what Dr Mcternan has written in his tract. I would encourage you to go to his website and read the tract entirely.

Dr Mcternan writes the following:

666 Surveillance


( Where is the Internet Heading? )

There is not a more spine chilling chapter in the
entire Bible than Revelation 13. This chapter describes
a world dictator, who appears just prior to the Second
Coming of Jesus Christ. He is commonly known as the
Anti-Christ or the Beast. This Beast uses a universal
numbering system placed on people called “the Mark
of the Beast”. It is like a tattoo. No one can buy or sell
without this “Mark”. It seems that everyone knows
about the number 666, even those with little knowledge
of the Bible, as it is identified as the infamous
“devil's number”! This is probably one of the best
known verses in the entire Bible.
Revelation 13:16-18 And he causeth all … to receive
a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had
the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number
of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding
count the number of the beast: for it is the
number of a man; and his number is Six hundred
threescore and six (666).

For centuries, the fulfillment of these verses was a
mystery. No one could understand how a marking system
could control buying and selling throughout the
entire world. It no longer takes “simple faith” to believe
this, as the literal fulfillment is now coming together
with incredible speed right before your eyes!
Computers, Internet, Wi-Fi, social media, all modern
technology, plus worldwide trends, such as a one
world economic system and government, are creating
conditions that can fulfill Revelation 13:16-18. As the
Prophet Daniel wrote 2500 years ago, knowledge
would explode at the very time the 666 Surveillance
System is coming together.

Daniel 12:4 … and seal the book, even to the time of
the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge
shall be increased.
Today a person can use a credit card virtually any
place in the world. It has become the universal financial
instrument. This instrument is taken for granted,
but think how technologically advanced transactions
have become, when a person can make a purchase in a
foreign country without currency! And, this purchase
then is instantly registered and the funds withdrawn!
All merchandise now is identified with a RFID label or
the Quick Response (QR) Code for electronic tracking.
A smart phone can read the QR Code. IBM is now working
to identify and track every item manufactured and
sold in the world; this is in the trillions. Then it will be
very easy to match these items with the purchaser.
With the rapidly advancing technology, this is not far
off. The technological ability to operate a world-wide
cashless economic system is now in place for a good
percentage of the world. The elimination of cash is all
that is needed to bring this system on line. A worldwide
economic crisis could be the catalyst to set up
this system.
The Bible states that no one is going to buy or sell
without a “mark in the right hand or forehead”. This
“Mark” is in the advanced developmental stage with various
applications to put “electronic tattoos” on the
body. The idea is to merge technology with biotechnology.
The micro-electronics technology is called an epidermal
electronic system (EES). The idea is to have a
substance like silk laced microelectronics that dissolves
and leaves the circuits on the skin! This system
is planned to be tied into a universal Wi-Fi. With this
system in full operation, there will be real time monitoring
of everything being sold. No one will be able
buy or sell without government approval. It is on the
Tied into the ability to control all buying and selling
will be the complete monitoring of everything concerning
you. The Mark of the Beast is a numbering system
and now through your Social Security Number, all
information about you can be monitored. You need
this number for everything from bank accounts to a
driver's license along with all medical information and
credit cards. Everything now revolves around your SSN.
With the technology coming, everything controlled by
the SSN will be centralized into one file and controlled
and updated in real time. This is not theory as this is
on the way.
Starting in 2013, the federal government will have
the Utah Data Center (UDC) in full operation. This is a
$2 billion complex with 100,000 square feet of computer
space. All of the Global Information Grid will
be routed through the UDC with computers that
can store yottabytes (10 to 24th power).

There is no higher magnitude!
Everything that is digitalized about you will be stored:
everything, down to parking tickets!
Nothing will be left out!

To handle this vast information, the computers will

operate at petaflop speed a second (10 to 15th power).
By 2013, the computers will operate at 20 petaflops!
They will break 256 bit encryption and nothing will be
hidden. To transmit this vast amount of information,
researchers invented chips with built-in lasers which
use multiple wavelengths of light that can transmit
data at terabit speeds. They are heading to create this
system so it operates in real time! It is not very far into
the future.
In addition to controlling buying and selling, we are
now heading into a time of a total surveillance society.
Every day surveillance cameras are being installed in
vast numbers throughout America. Every mall is under
total surveillance. By 2015, the government plans for
30,000 surveillance drones in the sky. There are now Xray
machines that can peer through the walls of your
home and auto. The government is using robot insects
wired with microphones for spying. There is now software
that allows tracking hundreds of cellphones at
once and as well reads tens of thousands of emails!
Homeland Security recently admitted monitoring Facebook
Twitter and Google.
All the high tech in your vehicle and cellphone can
easily be tracked and stored for your location. All this
will be stored in the UDC.

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