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Prophecy Update JD Farag , April 12. 2015

Pastor Farag took about one month off from his prophecy update but he has now returned to his weekly updates. It is something that I look forward to each week. On a weekly basis I want to share the link with you here on my blog so that together we can be watching for the Lord's return as that is what He instructed us to do. 

I took a few notes as I listened, so please look for them below the link to this week's update.

Mark 13:33  Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.
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Please take the time to watch this week's Prophecy Update from Pastor Farag. Here is the link to this week's update:

Prophecy Update, JD Farag April 12, 2015

My Notes:
Pastor JD Farag discussed the following:

* Nuclear framework with Iran
*it is a miracle that Prime Minister Netanyahu has been re-elected as Prime Minister of Israel.
*Obama continues to outright blast Christians, most recently at the prayer breakfast.
*Obama's anti-Israel and mocking of Netanyahu has been taken to a new level.
*all that we are seeing must come to pass so that the end can come,
*all these things must take place in the last days, so we are not surprised,
* everything from Christian persecution to Christian demonization has been predicted in the Bible,
*what to do about it?
*is it possible to once again reclaim back our Christian nation it once was?
*we need to support Christians in their politics as they stand for Biblical values,
* elected political officials have done little to stop evil - 50 million babies have been killed through abortion
*Christians should not place their hope and trust in politicians for change,
* the USA is not in Bible prophecy, so we can assume something happens that removes it's influence,
*Iran is out to destroy Israel and USA, even after this nuclear deal, the Iranians are still chanting death to America,
*God has an everlasting covenant with Israel but not with USA.
*God will save Israel from an Iranian attack,
*what is happening in Yemen has fingerprints of Ezekiel prophecy all over it,
*the Lord's return is near,
*troubled by the fact that in our day evil is pronounced as good and good is thought of as evil - this is a deception eg are homosexuality, Iran/Israel, Obama will meet with Castro but not Netanyahu,
*the word "live" is the word "evil" spelled backwards.

Please everyone - take the time to watch the prophecy update :  Prophecy Update April 12, 2015, JD Farag

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