Monday, 28 September 2015

Blood Moon - Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot

From Winnipeg Free Press
A lunar eclipse on a supermoon appears behind the Golden Boy at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg Sunday

The question of today is - Did you see the lunar eclipse, the blood moon last night? I was very blessed to first see the huge super moon as it rose, and then later the eclipse. It was spectacular - truly an amazing display of God's wonderful work! I took a picture on my mobile device, the picture is nice but not like the professional picture that I posted here. This was the 4th blood moon in the tetrad and it fell on the Jewish feast of Sukkot. This is worth taking note of. I read an article by Jonathan Cahn which I want to share here below. Please do read it. Sukkot is a time of celebration - more of God in my life! Praise the Lord!

The following is from Jonathan Cahn:

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015~ The Joy Of Autumn
Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, was the greatest feast in Biblical times. Sukkot took place not in the beginning, but at the end of the Hebrew year - not in spring, but in the autumn. In the world, the party of youth, beauty, health, ability and power is at the beginning of life. In the autumn of life there's less celebrating because all those things only go downhill. In God, it's the opposite. The biggest celebration comes at the end, in autumn. God saves the best for last. The things of the world always get worse and old and dry and fade away, but the things of God always get better. The peace of God as you move on, gets more peaceful. The life of God, the more you go on with it, becomes even more alive. The joy of God, becomes more joyful, the fullness of God, becomes more full. So throw away that worldly pursuit. Pursue God and keep going even when it's tough, because God always saves the best for last. In God, it only gets better, and with God, the party comes in autumn.
From Message #565 - The Last Joy
Today's Mission: Get into the joy of pursuing God with all your heart and mind, forget the temporary distractions this life.

Blood moon

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