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Who Holds Tomorrow (Newsletter) - Part 2

Recently I wrote a post titled "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" - link to post here http://sharingthefaith-northernsparrow.blogspot.ca/2012/11/i-know-who-holds-tomorrow.html
I shared how the song "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" holds a special place in my heart.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this song is also a favorite to the Dr Thomas Wyatt.
I am on the Wings of Healing mailing list so I am blessed to receive their letters regularly. In his most recent letter, Dr Wyatt included a New Year's message which I would like to share with you here:
I will share parts of his letter here below. His letter includes warnings, prophecies, comfort and encouragement. I believe you will be blest by reading Dr Wyatt's insights.

The Newsletter:

Newsletter from Wings of Healing

You can link to his website at -  www.thomasrwyatt.org

He begins by saying:

My faithful friend:
The New Year, traditionally, has been the opportunity to envision what the year ahead and even beyond may have in store.......
Regrettably, just as our Lord prophesied, our world is one of "wars, and rumors of wars, ( meaning wars close by, and wars half a world away), but we are not to be alarmed, for this must happen, but it is not the end... there will be famines, and earthquakes in various places, but all this is but the beginnings of the birthpangs.....and you will be delivered up to tribulation, and put to death, you will be hated by all nations for My name sake... ( Matthew 24)
What our Lord describes is a world of chaos and lawlessness, and He will add, one of falsehood and treachery, which will cause many to fall away. But He affirms "those who endureto the end will be saved, and the gospel of the Kingdom will be preached as a testimony to all nations. Then and only then, He declares, the end will come......

What the world and it's princes have done is to excude God for centuries, and of course they have made matters worse. So as we see markets and governments crumble, as it results in carnage in places we have never heard of before, needless, heartache, the deprivation of far too many, and increased uncertainty and unrest, remember it is the consequences of ignoring God. This will result in unimaginable events, not just in some far corner of our globe, but very close at hand. Evil will raise its hand against even the innocent, as we have discovered in a small town in Connecticut.
As I see such evil I remember the old hymn by Ira Spanphill, and yes, find myself singing, "...I don't worry o'er the future, for I know what Jesus said, and today I'll walk beside Him, for He knows what lies ahead. Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand".

We should know Him, and His love, and thus be able to say, regardless of the evil, regardless of what may confronts us, we have " The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive... you know Him, for He dwells with you, and will be in you" ( John 14:17 )......

So as this coming year unfolds, as the frequent chaos persists, as the futility of human and governmental meddling continue, I would have your remember with me just who it is "who holds tomorrow" and that it is He "Who holds ours hands." He has promised to always be there for His people, those who He has called unto Himelf. He will, with His strong arm cover us, undertake for us, and enable us......

 The above are the words from the letter written by Thomas Wyatt.

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