Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Garden 2013 - Blog Diary

I decided that I want to document how my garden grows throughout the summer. So I will try to post regularly under the title Garden 2013 - Blog Diary


June 21, 2013

Today is Friday June 21, 2013. I took another picture of my garden today. It is growing really nicely as we patiently wait for a nice rain.

my garden


JUNE 8, 2013
Today is Saturday June 8,2013. I took some pictures of my garden and my flowers today! Enjoy!


My iris is blooming

This is my another of my iris plants.

My peony plant
My garden today June 8, 2013

My garden today June 8 2013


MAY 13, 2013

So yesterday May 13, 2013 I tilled my gardens and I planted  potatoes. It was sunny and very windy all day yesterday with the temperature reaching 30C. During the night we got a small rain shower and today it is very windy again! I planted one more row of potatoes today so potatoes are in the soil now for this year.

May 13,2013 - I tilled and planted potatoes
I finished planting my garden on May 17, now just waiting to get a few transplants yet.
We got 1.8 inches of rain weekend of May 18-19. Looks like it will be a good year!

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