Friday, 28 February 2014

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Things Which Gracious Souls Discover: By William R Newell 
1. To "hope to be better" is to fail to see yourself in Christ only.
2. To be disappointed with yourself, is to have believed in yourself.
3. To be discouraged is unbelief, -- as to God's purpose and plan of blessing for you.
4. To be proud, is to be blind! For we have no standing before God, in ourselves.
5. The lack of Divine blessing, therefore, comes from unbelief, and not from failure of devotion.
6. Real devotion to God arises, not from man's will to show it; but from the discovery that blessing has been received from God while we were yet unworthy and undevoted.
7. To preach devotion first, and blessing second, is to reverse God's order, and preach law, not grace. The Law made man's blessing depend on devotion; Grace confers undeserved, unconditional blessing: our devotion may follow, but does not always do so, -- in proper measure.

 Look back—and praise Him,
Look ahead—and trust Him,
Look around—and serve Him,
Look up—and expect Him.
–Author unknown

We need to behold Christ and let Him occupy our thoughts. He's the One of truth, honesty, purity, and beauty upon whom we're to think." Dr J Vernon McGee

Authentic belief in Jesus saves and satisfies forever. - Harvest Bible Chapel

Like pear trees have pears, and apple trees have apples—Christians have fruit too. What fruits of the Spirit is your life producing?  from Harvest Bible Chapel

Matthew 7:20 - Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

When God says, "Call to Me," He's not saying, "Whisper something. Think a couple of thoughts. Throw it over your shoulder while you're on your way to the grocery store." James 5:16 says - The fervent prayer of a righteous man results in much.  from Harvest Bible Chapel

No one can take it away. No one can destroy its reality.You may not fully understand it, but you can't deny it. It's your conversion story, and like the once-blind man, you can stand on it through anything. Professing and proving your story are keys to seeing God at work.  James MacDonald

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