Sunday, 1 March 2015

JD Farag - there is no prophecy update this week, March 1, 2015

Just a note here to remind everyone who is watching the JD Farag Prophecy Updates with me, there will be no Update this week, March 1 2015. Pastor Farag announced this in last week's Update, I believe he said he was going to be away due to a funeral that he needed to be at.  

This week too has been a busy week of news prophetically speaking. There was the killing of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemptsov,  the revealing of the identity of the ISIS jihadi john and their continual persecution of Christians, but probably most important is that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is visiting the USA this week and President Obama is refusing to even meet with him. Then today the news broke that Obama has threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they were going to attack Iran.  I do hope that Pastor Farag will address some of these news items when he returns with his next prophecy update. 

In the mean time if you are interested you are most welcome to join the online radio family with Dr John McTernan and Brother Joseph tonight, Sunday nights is when they discuss prophecy news stories so join us if you are interested. This radio program is on every night of the week, so join us if you can. There is an interactive live chat room.  It is at 9pm - 11pm  Eastern, so 8pm - 10pm Manitoba time. Here is the link to the show: 

 Looking for the Blessed Hope with John McTernan and Brother Joseph

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