Monday, 9 March 2015

Recent Quotes from Franklin Graham on ISIS and the Muslim faith

Christians are so very blessed to have Franklin Graham speak up so fearlessly on behalf of our faith. He tells it like it is, he invites the Muslims to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God, the God of the Bible, our heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ is not the same god as allah. Allah is a false god and everyone needs to recognize this. The following are recent quotes from Franklin Graham on ISIS and the muslim faith and he reminds us that one day all people will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham writes the following:

February 17, 2015...
"The evil of ISIS really shouldn’t shock us--it is fully in keeping with their ultimate agenda of hastening a final apocalypse. God’s Word tells us that there will be a final battle one day, but it will result in the defeat of Satan and all those allied with him. One thing is for sure—one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

March 9, 2015...
"ISIS may try to knock down, blow up, or bulldoze over ancient artifacts in the Middle East to erase its history. But they can never erase the fact that the most important event in history occurred in that part of the world— God sent His Son from Heaven to this earth to pay the price for our sins by dying on a Cross. He died for all of mankind, and that includes ISIS and you and me."

March 7,2015....
"Why do followers of Islam and Christianity react so differently to the public ridicule and mocking of their respective faiths? Christianity has been repeatedly lampooned by Charlie Hebdo, but there have been no riots, assassinations or murderous threats.
Here is what I believe is the fundamental distinction: Christianity has a Savior who has been beaten and battered. A Savior who endured the public ridicule and mockery of crowds as He was stripped and hung on a Roman cross for our sins. A Savior who was betrayed and spat upon and who endured shame and derision so that we might be redeemed.
Our God does not need to be defended. He is holy, all-powerful and eternal. He needs no man to protect His honor. He is the sovereign of the universe who does whatever He pleases, and whose counsel and purpose can never be thwarted. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator, Sustainer and End of all things. He will have the last word on the Day of Judgment when all men will bow before Him."

March 4, 2015.... 
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו said it well: “Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire. In this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for America or for Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews or Muslims who don't share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom for anyone…The difference is that ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube, whereas Iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs.” Mr. President, wake up to the very real threat of Islam."

March 3, 2015.....
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a powerful speech today before a joint session of Congress. He made the case that the greatest threat to the world is the marriage of militant Islam and nuclear weapons. He called for an end to Iranian aggression and contrasted America with Iran--"America's founding document promises life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad." Let's pray that our president and our leaders will wake up to the true threat of Islam."

February 18,2015... 
"Mohammed is dead and buried in Medinah. Jesus Christ is alive and He is sitting at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven. Who do you want to follow, the dead or the living?"

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