Friday, 15 May 2015

Jesus Loves You....a salvation message for kids


Today let's talk about a very very important thing that we need to always remember. It is equally important for children as it is for grown-ups. Do you think you know what that is?...It is that Jesus loves you! Jesus wants to live with each of us here on earth and then someday he will take us home to heaven to live with him there. 


Each one of us has done some things we shouldn't have. Can you think of some bad things that we do? Maybe tell a lie, or say an unkind word, maybe we took something that didn't belong to us, or maybe we didn't obey our mom or dad when they told us to do something, or maybe we have not been nice to our brothers and sisters and even hurt them. When we do these kinds of bad things, it makes God very sad, and it puts a barrier of separation between us and God. But God loves us very much and He wants that we always love him too. That is why God sent Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus died to save us from our bad things and and to bring us back to God. Jesus died for each one of the sins that we have done. So now, when we believe that Jesus died for us, and we ask Jesus to forgive and save us, He saves us and we become children of God. We are friends of God! Then God walks with us and talks with us here in this life and someday we will live in heaven with him. Heaven will be the best ever!!

Here is a prayer that you can pray to ask Jesus to save you. I really hope and pray that you will ask Jesus to be your Saviour today.

prayer from wwwjesussaves.cc

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