Friday, 30 October 2015

A Dream, a Warning

Sometime ago I wrote a post where I shared a dream that I believe was from the Lord. You can read the post here  Warnings and Dreams . This past night I once again experienced a horrifying dream that I believe is from the Lord. I think the Lord is giving these kinds of dreams to show us what is coming. I do not know when or where or what, but I feel it is important to document these things for myself.

I had some trouble falling asleep for a while, sleeping short periods of time, and waking up, and so forth but this dream came later after I had slept more soundly for a while. I dreamed that I and my husband and family were out on the road. The entire scene was in a little different setting than where we live now. But we were out walking on the road, when suddenly I noticed an airplane go down in the field to the south of us. It just took a complete nose dive down. So in my dream I told my family to look over there an airplane just crashed right over there! Then one of my family members pointed out to me that another plane had just crashed to the north of us. We looked up and we noticed airplanes of all sorts were going down all around. We immediately knew that something incredibly terrible was happening. As I looked up I also saw a highway - either a 4 or 5 lane highway with semi- trucks all headed in the same direction ( I believe headed north ) and the semi trucks too were out of control and crashing. Immediately my family and I began looking for a safe place to be  shielded from the falling debris. My daughter was with me and I cried out to the Lord for mercy. We sought protection together in the ditch. Then we began to made our way to the house. At this point I did not know where my other family members were or if they even had survived. Once at the house I noticed there was the smell of sulfur in the air. I wanted to make a pot of coffee, but then I noticed the water was yellowish and would not be safe for drinking. I kept praying.   At this point my oldest two boys were still not back at the house. They did come soon though and our pets came in as well, also a few friends came. My husband and I looked out the window and there was an incredibly black plume of smoke mixed with red, very hard to describe. I continued to pray and cry out to the Lord for mercy. Something very terrible had happened and it was unclear if we would survive.  I woke up and just knew this was again a warning from the Lord....possibly nuclear and EMP

We need to prepare - get some extra bottled water and food put away, you just never know what can happen. I am wondering if this is the same dream as I had earlier, except with more clarity.


  1. Dear Sister Northern Sparrow,
    The Lord has been showing you some very horrific events. There has to be a reason why He has chosen to show you these things. I think maybe it is to give you divine revelation and to impress on you and all who know you or read your site to pray fervently and with purpose knowing that unimaginable things are coming upon the earth very soon. The only thing that matters is living and telling the Gospel and serving other people in whatever way God leads us. Thank You for sharing this and may God Bless You and use you. Mrs. CJB

  2. Dear Mrs CJB, Thank you for your encouraging words. I just feel that the Lord would have me document these things... it was like living through it, it felt incredibly real. Yes, let's be completely devoted and surrendered to the Lord, and share the Gospel how ever the Lord leads. Thanks again, and God Bless!