Monday, 23 November 2015

Prophecy Update - JD Farag - Obama, ISIS, Terror, Paris, Refugee, Syria

Here is this week's Prophecy Update - This is a MUST WATCH. Please take time to watch today! - Link here:

 JD Farag Prophecy Update November 22

Pastor J.D. addresses the so-called Syrian Refugee Crisis, and explains the significance of what’s happening in the world today, and perhaps more importantly, where it’s all heading prophetically.

JD Farag
picture from jerusalemchannel.tv


  1. Dear Sister Northern Sparrow, thank you so very much for posting this pastor's Prophecy Update. These are hard things to hear, but we as Christians must be open to teaching that tells the truth. As Pastor Farag says, it is imperative that we not be ignorant and that we must have discernment from The Holy Spirit. This was very eye opening to me. Thank You and may the Holy God of Israel Bless and Protect You.

  2. Thank you Mrs CJB! I found it to be very important as well. Pastor Farag is an Arab Christian and he understands these things. Always a blessing to hear from you sister! God Bless you!