Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Romney for President - Updated!

Updated August 2, 2012 - My blog poll is closed now. According to my poll, Mitt Romney should win and become President in November! My personal opinion though is that President Obama will get re-elected. I was hoping that I would get more participation in this "just for fun" poll. I says thanks to those of you who did vote.  Some people are suggesting that the election will be cancelled due to the circumstances that are developing in the USA and around the world. We know that God controls the outcome of  elections and He allows those to get into office whom He will use to fulfill the He preordained prophetic Word. We will see what happens. Thanks again and God Bless.
For a couple of weeks now I've had a poll on my blog asking the question-  Who should be elected President in the USA come November? Should Prseident Obama be given a second term or is it time for the Republicans to get into office with a President Romney in the Whitehouse. There is only 1 day left to vote in my poll, so anyone out there - it doesn't matter what country you call home, you are encouraged to vote. I am interested to see what people everywhere are thinking. Some people are even suggesting that the fall election could be called off. What do you think? Leave a comment to support the man of your choice!

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